What is coaching?

Usually people, as individuals or organisations, take on a coach because there is some aspect of their development that they want to grow, and a coach, working in partnership, can assist in their aims to go beyond where they already know they can achieve success.

What I provide

As a coach I keep focused on the outcome that my client is out to achieve  whether it is in their career development, or taking their business or organisation to a new level, or it is a project they are committed to fulfilling and results they are out to cause.

Usually we would set up a series of regular conversations which could be face to face, or via phone or facetime. It can be an important reflective time for my clients; time to centre themselves again in their plans and commitments, away from the urgency of their day to day professional life.

Because I am a trained counsellor I can also assist clients who are dealing with mental health issues such as depression or panic attacks.

My experience

I have worked in various businesses from publishing distribution to the motor trade to transformational education. I have had my own coaching practise since 2005, and gained a Diploma in Higher Education as an integrative counsellor in 2009.

I have worked with individuals, small business owners, and employer schemes for staff development.

My work with each person is confidential, even if their organisation is paying, and is not recorded.


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It was a good decision to engage Fiona as my leadership coach to be my partner in challenging myself so as to take myself and my companies to new levels of success.


Fiona’s business coaching is invaluable. She helps me get clear on my goals and what I want to achieve and through the coaching I plan the actions I need to take to accomplish those things.

Creative Producer

I found Fiona’s executive coaching most incisive and effective. Most importantly it was very effective in increasing my profits and forwarding my business.

Small Business Proprietor

Through the conversations Fiona and I have had she has helped me on many fronts including in business where creating a business that I enjoyed was as important as a business that made money.

Working with Fiona I get clarity in what my commitments are and I can then create who I am going to be to have those goals be achieved.

Small Business Owner