Counsellor and Coach

on the Isle of Wight


Counselling, supervision and coaching.

Thank you for looking at my website.

I hope I can give you an idea here about how I work as a counsellor and a coach that will help you to decide whether you feel I can help you further.

You might have a health or wellbeing issue such as you are depressed, or overly anxious, or maybe even experiencing panic attacks, or grieving for some loss, or coping with some issue from your past and are looking for some help and support so that you can work through whatever you are dealing with right now. I hope my counselling page can give you an idea as to what I can offer.

If you are looking for supervision please contact me directly.

Alternatively, you might be in a place to expand your capabilities and leadership either in your job, or profession, or your business and are looking for a coach to partner you in taking on your projects. In this case I hope my coaching page is useful.

Of course, you may be looking for a mixture of support, or feel uncertain as to what you need. Do please feel free to just talk to me to discuss what would work for you ? if you use the contact form I will get back to you quickly.

Fiona Boddington, Counselling Isle of Wight

Counselling Isle of Wight